New product line: HD 800

At the end of 2013, we extended our range of products to include the HD 800, a new high-pressure hydraulic hose (working pressure up to 500 bar). The HD 800 is an innovate product that far exceeds the former state of the art. By using a new generation of hose cores and a hose cover with enhanced abrasion resistance, the new HD 800’s service life is significantly longer than that of its predecessors.
In practical applications, the HD 800 should be exclusively assembled with the associated monobloc fittings (PA 800) or the flanges specially developed for this hose.
 Performance characteristics of the HD 800:

  • Four high-tensile wire spiral inserts in diameters DN 16 - 25
  • Six high-tensile wire spiral inserts in diameters of DN 31 and above
  • DN 16 exceeds the requirements of EN 856 4SP
  • DN 19 – 31 exceed the requirements of SAE 100 R15
  • Wear-resistant hose cover (DURA-TUFF)
  • Bending force reduced by up to 27%
  • Enhanced bending radius
  • Halogen-free hose core (recyclable)
  • Fulfils cool down leakage class 0 in accordance with SAE J1176
  • Temperature range -40 – 100°C
  • Working pressure up to 500 bar

Advantages of the HD 800:

  • Simpler to route due to improved flexibility and reduced bending radius
  • Hose cover with eight times better wear resistance than standard cover materials
  • Extended service life
  • Environmentally friendly materials

Fields of application of the HD 800:
The HD 800 is approved for a maximum working pressure of 500 bar. It should be offered wherever the HD700 would previously have been recommended subject to special approval from Engineering. Other fields of application include:

  • High-pressure hydraulic systems that use mineral oil
  • Highly demanding applications such as hydrostatic drives, direct drives and high-pressure systems
  • Mobile and stationary applications in industries such as forestry, construction and agriculture as well as in municipal utility vehicles