We mourn the loss of Joachim Armerding

The entrepreneur and founder of the HANSA-FLEX Group, Joachim Armerding, has passed away today suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 79.

Joachim Armerding founded the company in 1962 in a garage near Bremen. With a lot of business acumen and foresight Joachim Armerding shaped the development of his company and successfully established the HANSA-FLEX brand as a synonym for extensive expertise in hydraulics. Over the past 52 years, HANSA-FLEX has developed into an international company with about 400 branches around the world.

Despite the many years of enduring his illness with patience and strength, for many laregly unnoticed, Joachim Armerding was to be met almost every day in his office at the company headquarters in Bremen to the very last. From here he steered numerous corporations and devoted himself with great passion and commitment to the HANSA-FLEX Foundation, which he presided as the founder, and his work as an honorary member of the Supervisory Board of the HANSA-FLEX AG.

With Joachim Armerding we lose a visionary and a great Hanseatic entrepreneur. We mourn the loss of our esteemed senior partner and we will always honour his memory.

Today, our sympathy goes to all family members and relatives.

For the Supervisory Board and Management Board of HANSA-FLEX AG

Lots of praise, one or two complaints and still some room for optimisation – the results of the 2014 HANSA-FLEX customer satisfaction survey

Ever since 2001 HANSA-FLEX AG has used regular surveys to measure the satisfaction of its customers with all aspects of the cooperation between us. The comprehensive feedback which is received accompanies us constantly and provides us with invaluable stimulus on the journey towards the continuous improvement of our products, services and processes.


In 2014 more than 1,500 customers once more took the time to respond to our questions. Just as in earlier surveys the questionnaire focused on customer assessment of important criteria for satisfaction - measured in terms of the school grading system. We are delighted that our customers continue to award a highly positive rating to our product and service quality. For example, the aspects of reliability, punctuality, value for money, product availability and service were rated either ‘good’ or ‘very good’ by over 80% of customers. Results at the same high level in the areas of know-how, customer support, focus on customer needs, flexibility and friendliness on the part of our personnel provide important confirmation that our workforce is doing a good job.


At the same time these results also represent an incentive for us to make an even greater effort in future to improve even further in all areas. Compared to the last survey in 2011 we have already managed this in matters such as reliability/punctuality (+4.4%), know-how (+7.6%) and product availability (+6.7%). In spite of this, we are not ready to rest on our laurels because even if no less than 88.2% of those surveyed rate our product availability level as positive, we are still some way from our ambition of achieving a perceived 100% satisfaction rating. Accordingly this particular result gives us the incentive to drive forward the optimisation of the stocks in our central stores even further.


Naturally there were also some individual critical comments, for which we are especially grateful. As a result, in order to optimise customer satisfaction on all matters even further and, for example, to shorten waiting times even more, in 2015 we intend to increase our investment in the optimisation of our operating processes.


Strong demand for system partnership and digital services 

In addition to customer assessments we have also received concrete feedback on the use of our services, accompanied by a number of constructive suggestions. For example, there has been increased use of our system partnership services – with especially high growth rates in the areas of special pipes and special fittings, which confirms the rightness of our strategy of investing in the continued expansion of our series production locations.

There was equal focus on our digital services. Commenting on the results Sales Director Matthias Henke states: “Demand for Internet-based services, product information and online orders has increased significantly once more since the last survey,” adding: “This increase didn't take us by surprise, of course, because we have made our preparations. For example, since January 2015 our HANSA-FLEX app has featured an emergency call function and we have added our full range of hydraulic components to our online shop. We are now looking forward to the Hanover fair, where we intend to present our new extended customer portal My.HANSA-FLEX. This will set new benchmarks in hose management and will enable us to offer our customers an even better service.”


Further digital innovations, optimisations and supplements to our product range which is available online will soon be implemented and will become available to all customers in the course of this year.


We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation of your participation in the survey, and would also be grateful for your spontaneous feedback during daily operations. We can only take the right steps to increase your satisfaction with our products and services even further, if we know what still could be improved.



Our quality management team has developed a practical online form for the purpose of recording any critical points, wishes or suggestions for improvements you may have, and of course your praise for anything we have done particularly well. At you can now tell us at any time and in only a matter of minutes what in your opinion could improve the cooperation with us for your benefit.